Cost effective. Practical. Comforting…
“We haven’t used any heating oil at all this year. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

A. B., New Hampshire

“Peter, “The blinds are great, and here is why, now after one year of use. “As you may know, we have many south-facing bringing in lots of sun throughout the year.  Our A/C unit failed at the beginning of Summer, but our daily lowering of the shades not only provided us the necessary protection and insulation, but saved us money. “In the time that we have had the HeatSaver shades installed, I've had conversations with people regarding their (respective) winter and summer heat loss or gain. I never hesitate to mention the experience we have with the thermal shades.”

A. K., Montreal


“One more for your testimonials… 

“One morning my husband burned some food – causing the entire first floor of our humble home to have that awful smoking smell. Unfortunately, living in an urban area – we don't usually leave our windows open unattended for long – and we had to go to work – so the smell stayed in the home. 

“When I returned from work – I raised all of my shades and all of my windows extremely high and let them stay wide open for hours. My husband returned and let down the shades without completely closing the windows. It was a nice day so we didn't notice. 

“Several days later after the weather grew much colder again – dropping 40 degrees (typical Chicago spring weather) we started to feel a slight draft. But, couldn't determine where it was from. Finally after about the 4th day – the wind was moving a little more causing a strange noise. Through a more thorough investigation, I found that the windows behind the HeatSaver shades had been opened all that time. However, we didn't even realize – because they were blocking so much air that it took us all of those days to realize!
🙂 Thanks!

B. S., Illinois


HeatSaver® is an American firm that make insulated window blinds from the multi-layer thin insulation sold for roofspaces which looks like the covering of a NASA spaceship.

HeatSaver® use(s) a less complex structure in their product, which have the appearance of interlined cream linen Roman blinds and the thermal performance of several inches of plastic foam.

“Their secret, however, lies in a specially designed channel on the wall, in which the blind slides, forming an effective seal.

“There is no better way of keeping heat inside a building with large glazed walls or a listed building that is single glazed.”

excerpt from Kevin McCloud’s Principles of Home (italics mine)

“This being a passive solar home saving the heat gained during the day is very important. Before the shades were installed, I could feel the cold when standing six feet from the windows. Since installing the shades we can’t feel any cold spots at all… I would recommend your shades to anyone.”

R. K., Colorado

“Our home has some of the very first HeatSaver® Thermal Shades ever installed. And they’re as fantastic now as the day they were built. The outside temps will be near zero near the patio door, and yet inside the door next to the shades the room is a cozy seventy degrees. Absolutely superb!”

S. W., Colorado

"We have been surprised by how much warmer our bedroom has been with the shades and increased comfort during the cold spells here in Chicago! We would definitely recommend your shades to anyone."

S. M., Chicago

“As soon as we finished installing my shades I used an infrared thermometer to record interior temperatures. Immediately there was a 26 degree temperature difference from the face of the glass to the face of the shades – and that was before interior temperatures had stabilized. My shades began paying for themselves the moment they were installed.

K. S., Michigan


“We are delighted with the HeatSaver® Shades we installed in our home.  Our house… has numerous large windows facing south.  These allow for plenty of solar heat gain on a sunny day, but also permit staggering heat losses at night or on a cold overcast day.

“Now with the HeatSaver® Shades, there is a huge difference.  The cold air that used to run off the glass is stopped by the shades and our home is much more comfortable.  Installation was more involved that for a simple accordion blind, but a handy person should have no trouble, the benefits of the side track system are worth the effort.

“The linen fabric complements our decor nicely, while the nylon fabric we used for the kitchen window should stand up to the moisture and possible splashes in that area.  The clear acrylic cleats and tracks blend in so they are not noticeable against our pine trim.

“Thanks again for providing such a great product and attentive service during the ordering and production process.”

P. M., Colorado

“I’ve really enjoyed the experience of doing business with your company as well as how involved you are with every facet of the process. I wish you and your company the best!”               B. H., Texas
“As far as my old place is concerned, small windows at least mean a smaller heat loss – something I’ve mitigated… And ordering insulating blinds from the brilliant HeatSaver® blind company, whose fabric blinds have the same effect as installing 85mm of fibreglass insulation.”

excerpt from Kevin McCloud’s Principles of Home (italics mine)


“After surviving this last cold spell I thought you should know that we enjoy our thermal shades now more than ever.

“We were very pleased with how effective they were last winter and surprised to find out how much heat they kept out in summer. But these past few months have really put them to the test.

“Our kitchen, with it’s warped wooden windows, and the hallway, with aluminum patio doors, have been draft free and cozy.

“The new look your shades have given my home make it look as warm as it feels. Congratulations on your terrific product.”

G. M., Colorado


"We got your thank you note in the mail yesterday. That was very nice.

“We are thoroughly enjoying the shades – liking the darkness at night – helps me to sleep better – and definitely is keeping out the cold (well all of it around the windows anyway)."

B. S., Illinois

“I really appreciate the professionalism of your company as well as the customer service. For many businesses customer service seems to be a thing of the past…”


D. H., Texas

A nice report from across The Pond.

“I am very pleased with the blinds. They look and operate well and the rooms that I have installed them in do warm up quicker.

“Overall I have been extremely impressed by the service I received from you and your company. You went to a great deal of effort to come up with a solution for my windows and I appreciate it.”

N. D., North Yorkshire, England

In 2012 a prospective client in Alaska asked to chat with one of our customers for some direct impressions. These comments were forwarded from a client in Texas. (Italics mine.)

“I'm not sure what you need to know.  I did lots of research and kept coming back to their website. I started talking to them in January and they were close to finalizing the new material manufacture.  I was the first order of the Camira fabrics.  My blinds came late March and we are just now getting them up…      “

I really freaked out about how close the measurements had to be and measured several times to make sure I was correct.  

“I'm very pleased with our order.  We have 10 of the 12 shades up and the room that was so uncomfortable with the heat in the summer and cold in the winter, with the one shade up that gets the brunt of the hot West Sun, there was an immediate difference in the temperature of the room.  With all five windows in the dining room installed the room is very comfortable to be in. It has almost a blackout effect.  I have lace swags over the windows as well.  

“We were able to leave our (existing) blinds up with the exception of one window.  

“I'm also using sheers in other parts of the house and or drapes as wells as blinds and the Roman Shades.  

“Our whole house feels cooler due to the shades and my husband likes the almost black out effect.  

“Because of the cost I wondered at first if I made the right decision, but after working with Peter and doing my research I was convinced very early on that I was right.  The shades have not disappointed me.  

“Since I'm not an interior design person I can't say from that aspect.  But from a comfort of the room and they look great. We as a family made the right decision.   “I hope this helps.”

B. H., Texas

“I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. “Such great customer service and attention to detail is both appreciated and refreshing. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!”

A. C., Pennsylvania


I apologize for not contacting you sooner – the shades arrived last Friday, and we installed them on Saturday.  All went very well with the installation – I hired a local handyman to help and with his help and my daughter's they went up in a couple of hours.

Everything fits beautifully and we are just thrilled with them! We won't be able to quantify their effect on our heating bills for a couple of more months yet…

I dropped the ball on this – it was extremely hectic right up until Christmas day – work had been very heavy for me this year and I wound up putting everything off until the day before Christmas.  Hence my delay in notifying you.  My wife has chided me that I should have notified you earlier and she is correct.  You have been very attentive.

I hope you are successful in obtaining more business north of the border.  My wife and I both researched various window treatments very carefully last summer and fall, and there is nothing comparable to your product being manufactured in Canada.  The closest are very expensive cellular shades which are advertised with nominal R ratings of over 5.0, but when you consider that they do not attach to the window frame all around to restrict air flow to the window, they must in fact deliver considerably less in actual performance.  There is a company… which makes a plain white roller shade, but your product is much more attractive.  In addition, with our closely spaced front bay windows, we could not use their product as it has a bulky roller which sticks out from the window frame several inches.  In short, I don’t see that you have any really equal competition from either a Canadian or American product, and with our climate and strong currency, you should in principle at least be able to do very well in this market. 

Thanks again for a most attractive and very functional product!

D. K., Vancouver

“All good… They are magnifique!”    A. K. Montreal
“Regarding our blinds, we have the Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2 and Lounge blinds all installed and working fabulously. We are already very impressed by the amount of heat and noise they prevent from entering the rooms. I look forward to having similar benefits during winter, just the opposite way round of course! I have taken some photos and so must forward them through to you… I am really happy with the blinds, I love the look of them, their functionality and the practical thermal aspect which is most important, as well as the fabric we chose. They seem to be very effective.”

A. B., Perth, Australia


“It is amazing how much warmer the room is with the shades… When we open one in the morning to let light in for our plants, the air between the shade and the glass (much) colder on subzero days and I can feel a whoosh of cold air coming into the room.

“One room that we installed the shade in was formerly the coldest in the house and unpleasant to be in. Now it is very comfortable and one of the warmest!

“HSS customer service was excellent: The owner, Peter, patiently answered my (lengthy and detailed) questions and communicated clearly with me about how the shades would look and be installed. This is a business with integrity that I am proud to have supported.

J. K., Massachusetts


"Our blinds fit perfectly. Thank you! Now we’re considering HeatSaver® for our large glass doors.”

S. R., Bristol, England

“Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our HeatSaver® Thermal Shades. Both Ben and I can feel the difference when the shades are dropped. They stop the cold air from coming in through our windows and patio doors… They have made a real difference in the cost of keeping our home comfortable!

H. J., Colorado

“The outside temperature was five degrees, the temperature between the shades and the glass was twenty-one degrees, and the interior room temperature next to the windows was sixty-eight. Absolutely outstanding.”

R. K., Colorado

HeatSaver® Thermal Shades.
What more needs be said?