A library of PDF’s including all the HeatSaver® data collected from the Center for Green Technology can be found at the bottom of this page.
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HeatSaver® specific PDF’s.Energy Conservation Done Beautifully
Passive Solar
Then & Now Residential
Texas Testimonial
HeatSaver® Custom Examples
HeatSaver® in School
HeatSaver® & The Center for Green Technology
HeatSaver® Temps Recorded at the Center for Green Technology 2013
Then & Now Commercial
HeatSaver® 2015 Fabrics
HeatSaver® Sample Building Finance Estimate
General Education PDF’sThermal Performance of Traditional Windows
Dr. Paul Baker, Univ. of Glasgow 2008
Research into the Thermal Performance of Timber Sash Windows
Dr. Paul Baker, Univ. of Glasgow 2009
HeatSaver® Test & Weather Data from The Chicago Center for Green Technology.

Moderate temperature extremes rather than simply paying for the effects.


Summaries.  The summary information is grouped into the 3 coldest and 3 hottest months.  Hence the first summary report for February 2014 stands on its own.

HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data, Feb. 2014
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data, Mar – May ’14 PDF
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data, June – August
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data, 6 Months, March – August
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data, September – November

Building Maintenance Engineers and Energy Management Professionals often like to use October as a yardstick for gauging the efficiency and value of steps taken.
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data, October 2014

Bi-Weekly Reports & Crib Sheets

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 02/06 – 03/06
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 02/06 – 02/20
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 02/21 – 03/06

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 03/07 – 04/03
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather 03/07 – 03/20
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 03/21 – 04/03

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 04/04 – 04/30
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 04/04 – 04/16
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 04/17 – 04/30

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 05/01 – 05/28
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 05/01 – 05/14
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 05/15 – 05/28

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 05/29 – 06/25
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 05/29 – 06/11
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 06/12 – 06/25

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 06/26 – 07/23
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 06/26 – 07/09
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 07/10 – 07/23

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 07/24 – 08/20
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 07/24 – 08/06
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 08/07 – 08/20

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 08/21 – 09/17
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 08/21 – 09/03
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 09/04 – 09/17

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 09/18 – 10/15
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 09/18 – 10/01
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 10/02 – 10/15

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 10/16 – 11/12
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 10/16 – 10/29
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 10/30 – 11/12

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 11/13 – 12/10
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 11/13 – 11/26
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 11/27 – 12/10

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 12/11 – 01/07
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 12/11 – 12/24
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 12/25 – 01/07

HeatSaver® Test Data Crib Sheet 01/08 – 02/04
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 01/08 – 01/21
HeatSaver® Testing & Weather Data 01/22 – 02/04

HeatSaver® Thermal Shades.
Serious Energy Conservation